Apparently, I wasn't able to go to the TTNL because of a doctor visit. Sigh. Sorry guys, really am.


I got another close call. Whew.

I think I'm careful about myself this time around. So far I have taken about four risks. Sequentially ofcourse. All of them no good. This one well ... it's really no different.

You can already see things a mile away. I can see it as well, but I just don't pay heed to the warnings. The one before this one, at least things ended nicely, but I had to swallow my pride -- big time.

And again the last one ... damn. I was able to stop hitting myself on the head before I get brain damage. So anyway, it looks like I'm putting it in a sleep phase. Let it go gently and slowly.

Kase nga naman, I really get worked up about things that I ignore what I should do. I make up these plans in my head on how things will go. I get disappointed that way. I had to pull up several of my personas for a good fight meeting.

Mr. One-Track-Mind is a really terrible persona to deal with. It takes about Mr. Asshole, Mr. Pragmatist, and Mr. Cool to bring him down. Yeah, all three alignments.

But damn ... it's not easy. And I don't know if I should cherish this victory with pride.

I had my chance. Look away.


I've watched Avatar: The Legend of Aang Book III, and might I say, I continue to enjoy this cartoon.

No again, you can't say it's anime because it's not Japanese-made, but hell, it's better than most animes I know (and most other story cartoons I know as well).

Here you can see the cast actually evolve (into angsty teens nonetheless, with issues to resolve). And I find that really cool. Add the fact that the dialogues aren't artificial and too drawn out -- teens can actually relate.

Anyway, one would notice Aang grew some hair :D

The story is up until Chapter 10 though, still hanging in my seat ;)


In relation to the "last one" ...

Man, it caused me not to listen to any good song :( I need to enjoy something else.

Maybe a visit to my level 133 Int Archer, Bloodbite :)