Yeah, my head is still in a continual maelstrom.

I need a way to calm myself. MMmmmHmmm. I need to because Alexander needs the attention. Yeap, just bought my first digital SLR, which is an Olympus EVOLT E-510. It needs a lot of taming before I could master all of its features, besides the fact that my photography skills leaves much to be desired.

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Meet Alexander, Ashley's younger (bigger) brother. I'm proud of him :}

I've decided to be different from the rest of my friends who're either Nikon or Canon people. Yeah it's much more expensive. Then again, it is a 2007 model, and has lots of features I wanted except one: A movable LCD panel display which E-330 has. But I'm sure I'll manage. It's one with good reviews besides Nikon D40/x and Canon 400D Xti.

I would've gotten the Canon, but seeing it has a CF memory slot instead of SD, I then was supposed to go for Nikon. But seeing EVOLT is more up to date, and besides me having glasses which makes it difficult for me to use view finders, I went for it -_- It comes with 2 lenses at least, and a bag ^_^

Hmm. Thinking about it makes me happy now.