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For once, I actually thought the chaos in my head is quite funny.

As usual, my different personas are battling it out inside, and the "main consciousness" meaning to say the me, "me" is looking at them like circus performers. If I had a brain malfunction I wouldn't be surprised that while I'm pulling my pants up, the other arm is pushing it down.

But yeah, little swirls.

If the human mind is a pool, I that one with a hand just waded through it creating a wake of swirls and small whirlpools. It's chaos, but it's a beautiful chaos. But here I am. I have to move, I can't stay still. The universe is moving, and if I don't who knows what I'll be missing?

And yeah, little explosions.

Imagine a tin can getting bumps from the inside like two heavyweights boxing. *Boom* *boom*. Yeah, I know what I'm saying has no meaning to anyone but me. There it goes again *boom* *boom*. Like a Macross Battroid spraying missiles from its batteries, small little explosions are happening.

My life is never boring. It's not entirely pleasant, but not half bad either.


I just cant look
It's killing me
And taking control ...