Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI've always been a fan of chics who dig music, most especially when they dig guitars and piano. I dunno, must be one of the unexplainable moth-to-a-lamp syndrome. So naturally, I have all Michelle Branch's albums. Pity she's not that 'out' there anymore. I think like most people who start out that they have talent, end up being diluted by commercialism.

Like, they lose their edge with their art. Or maybe because people already seen it, and just want the next 'new' thing. Only people who are true to their craft will remain, whether or not they still be popular five years from now.

Anyway, here we have Marie Digby, who besided being hot can play and sing. Haven't heard any of her compositions though, and there's really nothing spectacular about her besides being hot. Oh did I mention she's hot?

However, try listening to her own rendition of popular hits like Umbrella (Rihanna), Makes Me Wonder (Maroon 5), and You Give Me Something (James Morrison). It's nice to hear stuff like that every now and then.