Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI was supposed to look for a new place last Saturday but since my arranged meeting with another seeker was postponed, I'm left to play with possibilities.

I've revisited my character in RAN Online in Alab server. And might I say, I missed my green-haired emo brawler. He lost his gang membership with Fragile, one of the most powerful gangs in Sacred Gate (SG) school.

So right now, I'm gangless, struggling with identity crisis (like all emos do), and couldn't decide if I should go on dexterity or power or intelligence stats. I'm a quarter left before turning level 147, and get the last brawler skill Taichi.

In many ways, I've turned him into Souichiro Nagi, the protagonist of Tenjo Tenge. That Taichi skill looks so much like the Forged Needle attack, that Deadly Seven is ... well it's just plain deadly.

It was a good decision taking Evasive Dance, though somewhat lessened because of the effects of Concentration. Still, it's good to be hybrid. And bad that I'm an easy 1 hit target.



I have 10 years left to know if I can live another 10 years after that. Sounds morbid no? But it's no joke. Let's see what the doctors will say after 10 years.