... again.

Alice was right. Each time is different. Whether it's a mind-blowing first glance, or as unnoticeable as soft breeze, each time is different. I hope I don't come crashing down the pavement. Feh, maybe I will. Or thinking even negatively, this'll be the worst in a long string of bad decisions.

But ... I hate that side of me. Always thinking of casualty control (there never was a successful plan). Or thinking it's another mistake. Couldn't help it. Whenever this situation happens a big vacuum suddenly feels like it's appearing in front of me, sucking me into nothingness. Filling me with uncertainty and darkness.

When instead, I have the Yang side which thinks positively and optimistically.

... there never was a battle where Yang wins. It's more like Yin takes over and Yang just creeps in after a month or so.

Maybe I should learn feng shui -_-

I type at the keyboard. Each drop of the finger feels heavy and sluggish. Sometimes the small sounds it makes become deafening in a room full of silence.

I must get out. Maybe tomorrow something good will happen.

Yeah, maybe tomorrow might be good for something.