Passed by Ayeth's blog, and took a random curiousity with them runes. First time I saw them was when I was playing Ultima 7 on the IBM/PC.

Heck, I memorized all runes and their meanings. Along with some spell combinations (like uh, Create Food). Ahh, the memories of casting Armageddon and not knowing why the game wouldn't do anything much after that :/

Anyway, I runed out my name, Quentin, along with my favorite number, 25. Here's what I got:

What is required
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Be open to new ideas and allow your heart to truly hear what it's journey will accept. When you are open hurt may come but it will quickly pass, remain closed and fear may rule and prevent the new from entering your heart.

The Challenge
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Grow to allow others to grow and thereby extend your power beyond the limited view of what can be seen with the eyes alone. For in growing within the whole world will be a fertile fruit baring place of peace, tranquillity, birth and rebirth.

The Broad View
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The Unknowable, what you seek has been answered, the answer lies within and cannot be found externaly, however, do not dwell within to seek your answers but move forward, following your heart, and remember you are your own wise voice when you hear what is said beyond mind alone. The Blank Rune offers a reminder that our own knowledge is greater and stonger than we "think".

I don't know what mystic stuff some people like to attach these things to. But I like the words "Journey", "Grow", and "Unknowable". It has a nice ring to it.