Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWhen I was younger, I used to ride my blue bicycle and wondered how far I could ride without turning back
- Honey & Clover

Yeah, lately I sound like a melodramatic moron because of all the thoughtful stuff I said. But I'm a bit okay now (LOL).

Guess I can't be someone who just blogs about every little detail about what's happening in my life. No siree, I instead blog about a state of mind. Perhaps it's just the way my head is wired up or something.

Anyway, I just received my IELTS result. It says I have a band score 7.0, which means I'm a bit above average and enough to give me extra points for that visa application. Although I don't really need more, still it just might be good in case they subtract something from my points without my knowledge.

Strangely enough, my highest points were in listening and speaking, with reading and writing trailing behind. And here I was thinking I'd score best in writing! Ah what the heck. I do become careless about grammatical errors here and there. Confuse my past and present tenses and stuff.

By the way, as an announcement:


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have a book here which I bought that I barely even read the week before the exam. It even has a CD to aid in listening and it's not even opened! So to the folks out there, just give me a holler aight? I'd be happy to be rid of this book (it's pretty thick too).

Now where were we?

Oh yeah. I just passed my application online. In a way, I get shaky making transactions that way. Beside the fact I'm not even using a credit card I own (hehe ... hay), there's something wrong with their server, and I couldn't click on a couple of links at the end page.

They better have a really reliable and secure site or I'll be furious. Although, it's a matter of somebody else being furious because of the credit card ;)

In other news, my second baby, Belavia, has her birthdate getting nearer. And I'm pretty sure I'm not giving her enough attention. She's my second baby damnit! Things should be better this time around!

So here I am, trying to prepare her nappies ...

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