I think I've started writing stories again. So one of my dead writing blogs will come back to life. Somehow.

Man. I missed the universes I've created in my head (partly the reason why I am eccentric).

Because you know what, it's my dream to write a really fantastic story, and see it take a life of its own. Isn't that great? Now I have what it takes to make it all alive -- yes ... the internet! Muahahaha!

Plus, it'll challenge my drawing skills again. Which is another terrific thing in itself. I've pulled up my sketch pad from underneath my bed and I've began drawing things like a high school comic book maniac.

First thing's first, I need to give the race I've created a name. Biblical? Sumerian? Persian? Macedonian? The references are endless!

It feels so good that it feels like a drug all over again :D

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Would you believe these drawings are over a decade old? They are one of my first born creations. I have to put them to rest though until I revisit them again. I decided to start on the fourth universe.