Saturday found me squirting poop out of my ass.

I think it's because of that longgan fruit I ate a lot last Friday. So I was too weak to go anywhere else that day. And from the looks of it, I knew I was dehydrated because of the hangover-like feeling I had the moment I woke up (and squirted poop out of my ass).

So I had to go out and by myself some Gatorade. Darn, and I thought it was gonna be a nice day for roaming around.

Today however, I tried to go to the gym and expected some three hour workout. Unfortunately, I was met by some sort of commotion. They look like they're shooting something in there. I thought a crime had occurred but it turns out, the security officials I saw were medics. I mean, if somebody was dead, medics wouldn't be around now would they? Instead I'd see something more interesting like forensics experts. Not that I know what they wear.

Anyway, I think I'm growing triceps now. To think I don't stick to any exercise regimen. It's all pump that gut and go. I just want to be strong, but a nice form wouldn't be so bad.

I ate my late lunch at the Mediterranean, and since I was being adventurous, decided to fore go the grilled chicken and order Moussaka instead. It's Greek or so I remembered. I thought in my mind that this would be new, except that I discovered my taste buds weren't exactly ready for cheesiness alongside with couscous.

Should've ordered the grilled chicken -_-

In other news, my head is overflowing with concept ideas for the fiction. Hmm. Better grab a pen quick.

Also, there are some La Union plans going and I do hope it occurs this October! Surfing fun!

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