I always get a kick out of making these kinds of posts :D

I know, I know.

Yeah you know, you know, that's what you always say. You already know but you're in denial dumbass.

I don't want to say it. You know why? Because if I do I fear that I'll validate that it is true. When I believe that it isn't. Especially because you exist. You're someone who'll deny stuff like that.

True. But that doesn't change the fact that you cradle fear. I don't. I'm not you.

Whenever I try to, words just trail off. Like, a whole sentence sinking into a tunnel, period first, predicate next, subject last. If I say it, I can't claim I could end it.

Whatever. Rationalize all you want. If only I was always in charge, this whole thing could turn around, and you would've stopped being so hesitant. And none of these events would be happening.

I've already done what you said. And as usual, no results. I'm beginning to believe I'm the one who's right. Perhaps that's why I'm still here, and you're in the sidelines.

Bah, you learned because of me. ME. My job is to push you. Your job is to add finesse. Now who's not doing his job? You. So don't go pointing fingers when the thing is it's YOUR nature not to do anything. You complain of losing your potentials. Well, I'm your kinesis kiddo. Stop whining.