First off, I've been tagged by Larrymeister, so I'm entertaining the fact that I have something different to put in this wretch of a blog. Okay kidding.

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As you can see I'm a bit of a nature lover, as this is a shot of the man-made forest in Bohol (were those mahogany?). I need the relaxing effect of trees because of the myriad stuff I do all at the same time.

The icons on the left are connections to different PCs around the world. Okay, maybe just London and Sydney. Shortcuts to different programs I install/uninstall on a regular basis ranging from plugins to my Eclipse, paint programs (because I couldn't install an unlicensed Photoshop, bleh).

I have four browsers installed, namely, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, and ... Safari.

As for the open applications, it's usually Eclipse which I edit Java classes in, UltraEdit, Thunderbird our mail client, RealPlayer for the background music, and various other doo-dads.

I also have Yahoo! Messenger on, and GTalk as well. GTalk more often used for office interactions, YM for informal.

I'm tagging Nadja, Liza, Leis, Anne, and Patty. Ok girls, make me proud ;)