Last weekend I thought I'd render overtime but the lure of not going overtime was greater. Heh.

What a thought. The thing I did was level up my new character in Ran Online named Bloodbite. She's an INT archer, and has begun making a name for herself as "that" girl in tights poking things with her arrow.

She's level 99 at the moment, mere moments from going into 3-digit level. I'm beginning to like her more than my brawler, Kerberos. In many ways, Kerberos was my proto character even though he was not first of my chars. He however, went over so many make overs the past year. All for the sake of experimenting. Starting out as Pow-Dex, then Int-Dex, then Dex-Pow. I wanted so much to be different that people view me as a strange character. Who else was a Pow brawler with Deadly Seven?

Anyway, Bloodbite will not be a hybrid of anything. She's going to be pure INT. She and her pet turtle, Jormungand shall explore the realm of sinister mobs and merciless assassins.

I'm thinking of giving her a first name instead of the -Warrior- guild nick. Oh yeah, she's in an sleeping guild Einhezar ... or however that's spelled. So far she's fun to play, despite the low defense and low hp. Hey she's an archer so they're supposed to be far away.

Mmm ... first name.

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This is Yoghurt House in Sagada. That's a couple there, excellent photographers in their own right.