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Right now, I still feel tired.

But the air, the food, it was all so nice. But I'm still tired. Given the chance, I would've eaten yoghurt all day and still want it for dessert afterwards.

I have lots of pictures ofcourse.

One night, as me and the guys were about to sleep, Joy mentioned she was bored of the shots she's taking. Paolo was arguing about it, and redirected the question to me.

Why do I take pictures? What's in it for me?

I thought for a short moment and said, "Well ... because the shots I take mean something to me. Even something as mundane as a book on the floor or a not so spectacular angle."

"I mean, my camera is miles away from taking pictures as good as you guys can. But these shots are mine ... it's like a miracle. It's something I made with my own hands. You know how that feels? I did it, again, because it means something to me. Sometimes I even take shots because of the mp3s I listen to. I want this shot to go with it. Ya'know. It's something. Couldn't say anything more eloquent than that. It's just 'something'."

Paolo hit the nail when said, that it takes inspiration not to get bored with what you do. Yet in a way, there's gotta be something more.

I smiled slightly, too tired to think anymore. Let the dark night creep in, take me in my sleep, and let my personal demons play themselves in my head. Like they always do for a long time now ...