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Silhoutte of happy people on our way to Echo Valley

"There's only really two choices we make in life. Either give up or try again. Oh, but there's another choice. But life is much simpler when you only have two."

I've heard this line in an episode of Honey and Clover. I think I know what the third option is.

Ironically, I think it's called not choosing at all.

I've always hated being indecisive. When I see it in myself, I feel so ineffective. Whenever friends or colleagues present a situation where they have to ask me what to do, I don't delay on a decision. I even don't mind if it's a bad choice.

Sometimes decisions are good or bad. But it's worse when you don't decide on anything at all.

"Life is like a tunnel. Sometimes you don't see the light at the end of it. But if you keep moving, you'll eventually find a better place."
- General Iro, Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Much like this blog of mine. I mean, I have three other personal blogs before this. But each time I encounter a particularly harrowing situation, or lost inspiration, I stop one and create another. This one is, perhaps, the longest lived of them all. And I plan to let it stay that way. I'd like to see how I've lived it all up. Like a painting so to speak.

Hehe. Looks like that Sagada trip is coming on to me. Hmm. I think I've stopped talking stuff like this years ago, but here I am ^_^