This afternoon I was rummaging through my clothes.

I plan to bring home all the old clothes I have. Clothes I won't plan on using anymore even though they're still serviceable.

Heh. There's a funny ring to that 'bring home'.

When I last saw mom, I told her that place is no longer my home. I live here now. Albeit still temporary because I just rent a bedspace. Next year hopefully a new place to stay will show itself.

Still, I think I'm a little early in preparing for a clean up. Yeah, there's a strange ring to that too. I've been wearing these clothes for the past 5 or so years. Now that I have lotsa new stuff, I don't have reason to keep these anymore. But as things go, I don't want baggage.

Hmm. I still have one last baggage to attend to before I end this year. I guess there's no helping it now. Might as well get over it and move on quickly. Still, I have at least about half a year to stay here.

If I blow it now, I dunno what'll I do for next six months.

Relax Quentin. It's not the end of the world. Just do whatcha hafta do. If it's lost then so what? You've been here, you've always been here. And you will still be here even if they all have gone away. For the most part, you really can't lose anything.