I guess my deal about dying needs a bit of expounding.

Skipping all the sob stories I have during my childhood, I have always been exposed to a healthy dose of real life morbidity (ooh, the irony) that it's a normal thing for me to talk about actually. So people wouldn't really know if I am just kidding or serious when it comes to topics like that.

My nihilistic persona is having a field day when I blog about death and dying. I mean like, we're all gonna die anyway, so why bother living? Do we live just so we can die?

Ofcourse, a complex person as I am, I have personas that completely negate that. Like this one who just shrugs and says, "Wanna die? Do it yourself. Looks like a coward's way out to me."

Anyway, it's the holidays and most people would be gushing about the season greetings stuff. I'm not a grump, a bit emo maybe, but definitely not a gloomy person. There are things that I just forget I have and should be thankful about.

Right now, I have everything I need in life and even most of what I want. Next year is definitely bright for me. Lots of things to do and seize the day for. Maybe later next year I could finally get off and have the adventure of a lifetime. Who knows?

(Yes Larry, you can have my camera if I do kick the bucket. You have to pry it off my cold, claw-like hands though)