The best revenge against the great disappointments in life ... is to live well.

That's what I told Alice out of the blue a few years ago. I dunno why I remember that now. I never really gotten used talking with naturally grey-irised people even though at times I could articulate the things I say rather well.

Sometimes she doesn't even listen and looks rather bored (better than when she's being a biatch). But that's fine as things go.

I guess I'll never make that realization if I haven't gone this far in my life. Okay, given I'm not far enough yet, I'm thankful that I'm still here. Depending on my moods, I'm about as suicidal (or homicidal) as the next My Chemical Romance fan (man, in a way I hate that band ... sounds like a less poetic Billy Corgan).

Anyway, rather than sounding like an inspirational book-writer wannabee, simple takes like this are much preferable to my nature. Anything more than seven paragraphs bore me. Even if it's something I've written myself.

Ho-hum. Getting back to surfing.