Dog days.

I think it's a sailor's term way back when there are no winds to push the sails. Pretty boring phase since you couldn't go anywhere.

Oh wait. I think the term was doldrums. Bah, too lazy to look it up.

Another thing that comes to mind is that during dog days, the star Sirius is way up high in the sky. Signifying summer? Sirius is the dog star. I believe it's in constellation Orion.

Wonder why am I connecting the two. Hmm.


I think I'm appreciating the placid pace my life is in. Home, work, home, work, few interesting stuff every now and then, play games everynight. I mean, while some would work for unholy hours just to get by, I'm pretty well off. I sometimes forget appreciating that ya know? Heck I'm not even that busy 'busy'.

Still, I'm looking at the far distance. What's out there.

Perhaps that's the reason why I keep moving on. I mean people have their raison d'etre. Something concrete and tangible like living for their families and all that normal stuff. I don't. I just want to see what's at the end. If there's any at all.

Maybe dream of a few things along the way. Huh.