There's a bend on the road.

Do I turn back? Or do I go on straight ahead.


In other geek news, I've been playing Lineage 2, and my, this MMORPG has more dimensions in it than others I've played. It's the closest thing I can play to World of Warcraft.

Bad thing is, population of players here is quite small (only two servers, and is in light capacity most of the time).

I've started out with quite a few characters, but now I've ended up with a female Orc I've named Stheno (knowing your mythology, she is Medusa's sister). She's wearing a Mardi Gras mask right now, which I hope I could keep even after the medal event ends ~_~

I've been modelling her after my fictional character Huara, a female soldier gorgonaut. But somehow, Stheno's profession which is a monk, makes her wear light armor. And well I've been thinking about her wearing the cool heavy ones.

Anyway, let's see how far I could take her.

For some reason I have more success playing female chars o.0


Curiously enough, I have some contentment playing that game.

I'm relatively new, but I am sort of see my part in the economy. I go out 'seeding' monsters, get some 'fruits' where I get raw materials, and then sell them in the market.

I get to see how other players sell inflated prices of their raw materials (or mats), so I sell mine cheaper. Tons cheaper.

Right now I'm seeding for adamantite nuggets. Stheno is level 33 now, the last acceptable level to sow Desert Coda seeds. What I find unfortunate is that only the Dion manor is selling any seeds. Other places, Giran, Gludin, Schuttgart, etc. aren't selling anything.

So I'm tied to seeding Delu lizardmen for now.

Bu that's just fine.

Stheno signing off.