Ah, I think I've had enough about life ranting.

Let me tell you guys about one courageous woman. Yeah, I've known her for about a year working with her everyday. She's this woman that despite her age doesn't look like she's a day over 20.

I guess it all got to me and so I tried asking her out. Got turned down ofcourse, but that's fine since I'd get to make fun of her everyday anyway.

Then one day she resigned and tried to make a life somewhere 'out' there. And I was like, whoa, not so fast (me not done looking at your cute face). Anyway, that was the start of an inspiration for me.

How could someone, as fragile looking and as meek as she is, brave the great unknown. I just had to know. I have this uneventful life that I'm trying to make sense of and there YOU are sort of flapping your wings and seeing this great big planet.

I must know.

OR in other words, I want to follow you.

And now, she did another courageous thing. She will give up her career in pursuit of what she love doing.

I was like, are you nuts?! (well if you have a pair that statement would've had more weight)

And as simple as she usually makes things to be she replied something like, "I guess so ... but you could be doing other things ... things you like doing better ... "

I sat there. Looking at the monitor. Dumbfounded. Awed. She utterly defeated me (again).

"... sayang ang oras"

I tapped my finger. It sounded so easy. But it had great sense. There's that fear again. Man, I knew I had more than one reason going after her (ofcourse I'm not doing that now).

To a person like me, dark and brooding, she was radiance. And what do all creatures do when they see a light in a wilderness of night?

Someday I hope. I want to see this world from beyond the sorrounding seas as well.