I think Urbandub is pretty cool. No truly.

Anyway, I'm posting this not because of Urbandub or the video per se, but the numerous comments on the vid itself.

It annoys me to no end that whenever someone hails from a place, the people there suddenly either become proud or disgraced when someone goes 'up there'.

I just ignore comments that talk in glee about the bloody-hammer-face-thing or oh-iza-youre-so-hot (though they're mildly entertaining at face value). However, it annoyingly entertains me that there are people who would say:

aisha043: this video is a violation of the cebuanos' exceptional taste in style. how come it's so emo?

the production staff and the director should give credit to previous videos of the band: frailty, first of summer, endless a silent whisper, and more recently, guillotine. this video is ridiculous. compare it to the ones mentioned above.


I'd like to represent Urbandub and say they are doing this for the music they love doing: not for you or for Cebuanos or for any furry, woodland creatures in this side of creation.

I wish I could stab people's faces through the internet. Sigh.

Anyway, enjoy the bloody video. They make good music. But I have yet to find a local act that I couldn't get tired of.