While I was scouring YouTube for acoustic renditions of popular songs, I came across Ne-Yo's Go On Girl.

By far, it's one of the few music videos that does not sport skanky women, bling-blings, and bouncing cars but actual models. And what makes it look cool?

Coz they're pretty damn ... pretty.

And this image is burning behind my eyelids


oh I mean this one


Anyway, I was speaking about this dorky looking dude (he good)

I spent like three nights trying to play the damn song. But as usual, the price for having no talent is ... to not play it like I hear it. And since my vocal inadequacies are there as well, the only ones I'm impressing are the dust bunnies under my bed.


I am currently looking for an acoustic of ... "I need you boo, gotta see you boo" :D