Last night, out of whim, I joined my officemates into a cafe to play Guild Wars. It's been long since I've played any exciting game. And since World of Warcraft is too costly for people like me, I went on for the next best MMORPG.

As it happens, my guildmates (my officemates) are in need of a healer. And since in Neverwinter Nights, my most played character is a Cleric, I happily obliged as their Monk (equivalent of the Cleric in GW so it seems).

Now since it's almost imperative you take a second profession, I took nothing else than the much maligned Necromancer.

Hence, Anche The Pale is born!

Off I was then, dying to every enemy :} We spent almost four hours inside the cafe, had lots of fun because I was able to join their party while I'm just level 5 (they're 9~10). It's a bit of a drag to be a support member, so I'm thinking of being a Smiting Monk/Necro.

Now I just have to figure out what other weapons do monks use because I was using ... an elemental wand (wtfF?). I would've thought he'd be some martial artist but it looks more to me monks in GW are priests.

Still, mine is fancy because he's also a necromancer. If I'd known better, the combination would've turned me into a Lich (though I would think it's lichs are wizard/necros rather than monk/necros). Holy/unholy is a rather interesting role to fill in, as I am both the Yin and the Yang.

So instead of lich, I'll call Anche the Pale, a Death God.

/end geek rave