- Q.Montejo

Made this poem in hifi, I was planning on making a new one but found myself too uninspired to do exactly that, yet enough want to share one. And ofcourse I realized, "Fuck, glad I don't do these poems too often -_-"

when everything feels cool and
everything's quiet (dark it was too, lights turned off)
unbidden thoughts come hither and sit with me
i didn't ask nor did i expect it to come
it just came and uninvited it was
"i am thinking of you
yes you"

with the glow of my old laptop's screen
i fired up an mp3 player and pressed >>
my fingers danced a little as i fancied writing
a fictional story based on what was happening to me
i can almost here the soundtrack that'll go with it
"i am thinking of you
psst, yes you"

lights spilled from my lightly opened door died
my roommates are calling it a night and i
am here. here with foolish annoying little ...
prickly thoughts of missing you
clicked on "shut down" in my little electronic black box ...
"think of me when i sleep
pretty brown-lensed eyes"

if it's a burden missing you when awake
maybe it wouldn't be so when i'll die for 6 hours
stretched my back
streched my arms and curled my toes
and let dreams follow me in my sleep
wherever i maybe in the dark
little corner of my universe

nyt : )
"nyt : *"