I've been tagging myself like that lately. But I guess old habits are hard to shake off. I could see myself 40 and still play pc games.

Anyway, I'm living one of my characters from my own 'novels' entitled Ang Sumpa. More specifically the proposed 3rd installment (the 1st and 2nd hasn't been released yet and here comes the third, haha).

Introducing Marie Of The Curse (picture to be posted here soon, like anyone cares). So if any wayward souls happen to chance upon my darkgiantplanet blog *hint* *hint* you'll see her name there. Once I finish her, I'm going to create a character for Angelo Lamberto, or the avatar of Lam-Ang as a Warrior/XX in Guild Wars. I should have named my first char, a monk, into Kerbo Ibarra, the enchanite adopted by Jillian.

As for Jillian, I would think she should be a Mesmer/Warrior or something. I wouldn't want to choose Warrior as the primary class because she'll be wearing that clumsy-looking armor. Ofcourse I'll be putting Rascargil and Grase Varchild somewhere, as primary Necromancers. Pauline would perhaps be an Elementalist, specializing in Earth spells as she is a Geomancer in my story.

As for the Psychics ... they don't seem to fit anywhere in Guild Wars :(

But enough of that, here's a random pic

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