- Q.Montejo

Here, look here
Look where I am at
Just a little
Because I'd like to
Tell you
That you are
The most beautiful thing
I've ever laid my eyes on
And I'm frustrated
How I couldn't
Make it any
Less clicheic
Than it is now

My fervent wish
Is to come to where
You're at
That castle of yours
I thought which is near
Was still too far
For someone like me
A funny thing to say
Is it not?
When everyday
I can just pass by you
And can only
Afford a glimpse

It breaks my heart a bit
When you can't look
Or can't be near me
A little pain
Like a pin prick
Something I can ignore
Yet something you won't see
I'll stay here
And nurture the growth
Of my fervent wish
End it please?
This strange,
Warm, unsettling,
This-is-not-me love?