First time in years that I've come to office earlier than 9AM. Now to check the adverse effects of coming to office to my body. And I'm feeling the effects right now -- sleepy.

On another more joyful and though-provoking note, I was watching My Fairly Oddparents in Nickelodeon this morning and it was a funny thing that the boy in that cartoon wished that all girls disappear.

Now what happened was, the men had a field day being the males that they are, building missiles, eating pizza, and being a lummox all day. Then in some way they say to themselves that something is missing (any memory of the existence of women were wiped out from their minds) and go like, "Nothing can fill the void!"

All the women, who were made to disappear, were sent to another place and were saying the same "Nothing can fill the void!" line. They were guessing that what they were missing was something that is crude and messy (probably hairy) and concludes that it must be some sort of household appliance (the men on the otherhand, were trying to 'fill the void' by smooching their chainsaws).

Just something funny to think about as I start the day out. But I am still sleepy. -_-