It left a bitter taste in my mouth.

A part of me is fighting with myself. The logical, thinking part versus the emotional, passionate part.

Admit it. I was pursuing a dream. And that dream died on me.

The logical, thinking part is saying, "Get over it."
The emotional, passionate part is saying, "Do something!"

For a long time, I've always let logic and sense take over. The part that I let you hear.

But tonight, it stood silent.

Being brave for the things you do does not guarantee that you will always achieve success. Even God never promised that.


Psst. You.

I don't know if you read this blog of mine but ... don't worry about me.

Kilala kita. You'll feel bad if I feel bad. So I promise not to feel bad. You won't lose me. I promise that too.

I think o.o

Geez, I'm using this picture exactly what I made it for a year ago


Ahh, this is hard.

I came to office today to finish something very important. It's sorta hard to work with your morale sapped out.

Man ... 8:00pm and counting.



Finished up until the binding of passenger fields. No validation yet. And haven't done the ticket and payment options.

Still a long way to go.

I feel so tired. I'm calling it a night.

Maybe tomorrow might be good for something aye?