Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHave you guys ever tried to drink water left in a mug the day after?

It has an icky taste :p I imagine it's because particles in the air not filtered by the air conditioner somehow gets in the water and mixes with it.

I mean, how does water get contaminated in an otherwise clean environment?

Anyway, I can't imagine people using mineral water plastic bottles as a substitute for a mug. I'm quite sure it gets an icky scent if you use it for more than a day. Must be something to do with what we leave on it from our mouths.

As for me, I always use a metallic mug. Doesn't break, disadvantage is, if contains something hot, I have to be careful.


Just bought Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI never was a fan of the C&C games, having like several or so titles in the past. I felt it was too much toy-soldierish. Also, military wars don't really intrigue me. Back then it was country versus country (Italy vs. Germany, etc.). I also thought the real people video footage a bit cheap.

Now however, it's a bit different.

They still use real people for the footage (not CGI) but to look a bit more expensive, they used Hollywood actors this time around. It still is no saving grace for me though.

Buuut, I really need to put a game in my laptop. Just so I could try what it's capable of. Sayang naman NVidia 7400 na pang-Eclipse lang :p

Incidentally, C&C3 is one of the few games that say it needs Windows Vista. Which my laptop currently has. I'd say that OS is still young. I hate the fact that whatever you use in XP, will eat twice as much more resources in Vista.

What the hell?