I'm bored.


I sort of miss the Symbian Windows in Nokia and the slim fonts. But let's see if this w810i would live to be er ... old.


I've been worrying my folks. Haven't kept in touch in like weeks ever since I lost my cellphone. Yeah, I've reached new heights of hermitness. I wonder if I am still recognizable? Mmmmmm ...

I dunno. I mean, it bores me to death going back to my home town. Whenever I ask for news, there's nothing new. Say, if you left for half a year, everything would still be same.

That troubles me you know. A place without change. Stagnation is dangerous to my system. Well, at least give me something to do. Sleeping is boring.


People going for big changes in their life.

Yeah, I've been looking for people like that. It inspires me to do something for myself.


Have to constantly remind myself to not rush things. I have an aura of chaos constantly about. Not a very nice thing to have around OC people.

Brash and reckless. Hehe. Messy but happy. Yeah.

Then again. Wonder what'll happen if someday I immersed myself into a place of law and order. Of really tight rules. Hmrf.


Just read something interesting.

Feh. Heck it makes me feel good about what I chose to do.

It's not my job to save the world. Your happiness is your responsibility. Not mine. Ever.