OC. Obsessive Compulsive.

I may claim that I am not the kind. Maybe even the reverse. If it works, then it's good enough for me. Elegance can come in later.

Ofcourse, that's not to say I'm complacent about everything. I do value real quality. Heck, I'd pay for it, price doesn't matter. That is, if only I'm assured of the quality. Life is grand. Why treat it any less?

So yeah, I hate those cheapo products being spurted out by the hundreds. That means I hate knock offs. That's not saying I'd ONLY buy from real branded stuff. Like I said, if it works, elegance comes in second.

About stuff. Well, I think I can consider myself neat in a chaotic way (okay, now that's some confusion right there). I love a really clean kitchen, all utensils lined up in the closets, and smelling lemony clean. Buuuut I might leave the bed all scrumpled up. I mean hey, it was messy when I found it, I'll leave it like that :D

I love spending time doing laundry if I can help it. Not that I am proud looking like a domesticated ass. It's just that after doing it, it feels like an accomplishment.



I like that word but I couldn't quite exactly encounter the ideal situation to say it.

Except the zoo, mayhaps o_O

That reminds me, haven't been in one in years. I'm a bit of a zoologist, but I think all my encyclopedic knowledge have trickled away through the years. Now all I could do is awe at what color that animal has.

Oh yeah, Bohol this September!
And Palawan part Deux this November!

I'm going through the good places baby!