I have always thought that I have different personalities depending on the language I speak. And this is not the first time I wrote about myself as having multiple personalitites. Heck, I think it's a circus inside my head.

(Prolly because of the super soldier experiment that was being done on me when I was a kid ... only, they got the wrong serum)

Like ... like ... Norb and Dag in the Two Angry Beavers cartoon in Nickelodeon.


I watched a rerun of Teen Titans, about an episode of a Russian super soldier experiment gone awry. I love the series btw, if not for the cool combination of anime-like resemblance and remarkable action scenes.

Anyway, that's not the thing that eats me.

It's about the Russian super soldier in the episode himself, called The Red Star. I'm telling it now but, it's one of the strangest places I get thoughts from.

Because as we all know, (ex) Soviet Russia had that military "Big Brother" feel to it. And well, I've always been at odds with military organizations. Nay, an ambivalent feeling towards them.

I hate the rigid codes, hierarchy and stuff like that. But I respect the duty which they take upon in themselves with honor.

What does that make me? Mmmmm ... in D&D terms, I'm what you can say as Chaotic Neutral. I do what I want in a whim and has a questionable moral compass -- I'm no gentleman.