I have many interests, and one of them is in the realm of pyschology.

One that I am currently into is researching on depression. Why? For the purposes of treating myself. I think I've developed certain bad mental habits which could affect me in the long run.

Scientifically, I look at it in the most objective manner. The thought itself does help alleviate much of my condition. Yet, I still have a lot to learn. While in an unfortunate circumstance that I may not be able to effectively treat it.

In any case, the fascination is there. So I dive in nonetheless.

One interesting factor is that it can be physiological, i.e. runs in the family. Ofcourse, environmental factors are also important.

Which leads me to another observation: I am causing my own symptoms. With a tendency to isolate myself from the rest of the world, I am indeed prone to depression. Good news is, I'm not that introvertive enough to warrant a reason for having clinical depression. Which is, uh ... bad?

Additionally, besides medical conditions, even dietary and sleeping habits have effects on depression. Reduced levels of omega-3 and poor sleep quality are causes themselves.


Looks like I need to eat more tuna and avoid sleeping late. Besides, nothing's really good in cable these days. And I'm getting tired of the MMORPG I've been playing.

Now that I have a better view of the situation, time for treatment!