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It's a rainy night tonight.

Just posted to realize one thing. I think I've somehow graduated on something. Like a phase from child to teen, and teen to adult. But what's after adult? (er ... something before middle-age ok?)

I bought two gifts yesterday, though funny it is to think that it's just for one person. It's a set of fridge magnets and a car freshener.

I'm sort of thinking that since they're like really cheap, throw-it-back-to-me-coz-they're-cheap gifts, I thought of giving it meaning. Put it on a label with my handwriting. I wouldn't care anymore if it's appreciated or not, because I thought of that beforehand.

If it's liked, then all is well is good :) If not, then, hell, they're cheap to begin with, so no big loss (haw haw haw, I'm so hideously smart).

I actually got this idea from what Nadja was putting in her blog. And since writing is what I'm remotely good at, here is what they mean:

Fridge magnets -- to remind you to put up what's important in your life, make them your priority. (a deeper meaning would be ...) to remind you of the refridgerator it is stuck to, because without food you ... will be hungry (real eloquent, Shakespeare)

Car freshener -- to remind you to feel good about yourself, and let that feeling follow you wherever you go. (and the deeper meaning would be ...) to remind you of the mirror it is hung on, because it's the only mirror that lets you see both your loved ones riding with you, and the place you've been.

However, I did have something I wanted to give other than the fridge magnets -- aaand it's a door chime. Just a little something you hang on to your door knob so you know someone's going in or out. I already had a meaning attached to it, and it goes like ...

Door chime -- to remind you to take note the people who comes and goes in your life, to remember what they have contributed to what your are now. (aaaand the deeper meaning would be ...) to remind you of the door knob it is hung on because ... y'know, what's a door without a door knob? (alright, I think I squeezed my brain dry and appear like a buffoon)

I still have the urge to go get one, and I know just the thing in Podium.

Anyway, the reason for the two gifts is because it's sort of a joke. I couldn't possibly give a house and a car as gifts, so instead, I thought of something you put in them when you get those from somebody else :D

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