Okay enough of the melodramatic entries. Changing moods.


This week I think I'm cured. Yeah, I was afflicted with an interestingly disgusting condition. If you don't want to read it, just skip this part. For about two weeks, I was having extra large boogers. And by the size of it, it's declared a country of its own. I think it was a mutated cold virus, that instead of giving me the sniffles, it decided to be extra ugly and did that condition to me.

Now that's over, I now have only cute, little boo ... okay kidding D:


Beach this Saturday! Woohoo!

Time to flaunt my hard-earned abs!



I need to listen to more music. Gray days are bad and boring.


Say goodnight and go ... say goodnight and go ... why'd you have to be so cute, it's impossible to ignore you ...

Ugh. Have to get that song outta my head. It's hypnotic, but it's uh ... girly. Yeah.


I think my life is in various stages of disorganization. Reason?

Well, there can be only one reason for those things -- online games :o

Do I get off the habit? Do I? Huh?

I have revived my old RF Online account. It's way cheaper to play that than RAN Online.

Incidentally, I have a level 42 Dark Priest (Reave) in Praxis server. Currently farming in Ether and warping people there for a living :D


*listening to Redemption Song by Bob Marley*