Hi Ma,

This is your kid, trying to say some stuff he never did. And probably never had a chance to tell you.

I love you mom. Let me start off with that. I know that you love us unconditionally, and that you have done everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that you could possibly do to show that. If anyone has done a more passionate job in your line of work, you could have a medal for doing so. Nay, maybe tons of medals, some of them I'll make myself out of gold.

It's a given that I couldn't possibly write everything here. Nor would I know how to fully show my appreciation and thanks. I haven't been a good kid lately, I know. And there have been phases in my life that you should've seen, but as circumstances have it, will remain untold, and best left out. Perhaps I wouldn't want you to see, as some struggles I prefer dealing on my own terms.

I just want you to realize that, there are things that come to this: that I must use my wings to fly. To places where we want to go. To get hold of my dreams. Even if it means that doing so breaks your heart. I'm sure you'll understand. I don't know if you understand now, but I know you will someday.

I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day.