He watches his friends sing their hearts out.

He sits there, eyes beaming in the midst of the crowd, pushing songs for the videoke while basking in the joyous atmosphere. Ironic of the fact that it's a despedida party of a friend. It's just fun, so he gets it on.

People come and go in this life.

He comes and goes too. That's what he thinks. With or without reason, such things happen. He also thinks he should stop writing things like this in a sappy, stupid blog.

Sometimes, you don't see that. It's all just a sequence of events in a television, interrupted by brief commercials that grow into you with their jingles and repetitive messages.

They say people need goals in life. He has one now. He just doesn't know why he has it. It's just there, but he's going to take it nonetheless.

Life is a game you'll lose if you don't play. Or so he thinks. If things like this aren't so metaphorical, he would've had tons of scars by now from being reckless.

He kids to himself, what if he's been born a dolphin. Intelligent enough to have known himself and the world, but carefree enough to not delve into sappy, stupid blogs that shrinks would have a field day naming clinical conditions.

But, right now, he's here to just have some fun. Voluntarily ripping out his vocal chords trying to hit a high note by an ear-numbing decibel wail.