I think I'm beginning not to be interested in writing anymore.

Not :D

There's just some stuff on my mind right now that I want to focus on, so blogging activity has decreased. One for each aspect of my life.

The highlight of this all is, I am once again faced with a question I hated coming across. I don't think I've become cynical. Just wussified. Which is worse, lol.

Then again, if I think about it ... this could very well be my dream.

And it's been so long since I ever dreamt of something.

Let me have a dream to chase after. Let me stop having dreamless sleeps. And if this dream causes me pain again, let me feel no disappointment, no hopelessness ...

Sorry, trying to warm up for a poem, lol.

But come to think of it, none of my dreams ever came true. Wonder if life is on to me >:D