- Q.Montejo

{ woo, i made a poem! }

Here's how the guitar goes
As I write a poem for you
Wonder how you'll fare
In a place away, so far away

Open that window sill
Let that sunrays spill in
Wonder how you'll wake up
To a different morning

All I could do is
Wish you a pretty sunset trace
Just enough soft, gentle light
To shine on your pretty face

Wonder how you'll carry a hat
On some strange windy beach
And how you'll giggle
That it'll fly away, so far away ...

So all I could do is
Wish you a sweet view
When mornings greet you
With oceans of deep blue

Wonder what pictures you'll put
On top of your office desk
You never had any here though
So that made me wonder a bit so

Because all I could do is
Wish you all the good things
So you can show your smile there
... the one thing you took away here

I hear the music of your life
Playing a lively, beautiful tune
I couldn't help but just listen to it
Maybe mine will play like that someday soon ...