Me: "It is difficult not knowing everything."
Alice: "That's why we have faith."
Me: "Heh, of all people, it's surprising it came out of you."
Alice: "Fuck you."

Yeah. Faith. I think it's one of the things that made us so different from every other living creature on the planet.

We have the capability to believe in something, to just let ourselves remove anxiety just like that. It's important because, with the minds we have right now, there are things that can break us, or more positively so, things that can make us.

I think faith is important.

We're no longer creatures who just acts on whim and instinct. We're all thinking individuals that we now have what we call mental health. And as limitless as our minds can take us, we're still mortals who are vulnerable to all sorts of malady that we can inflict ourselves, or worse yet, we create them.

So what to believe?

Maybe it is more appropriate if it is seen as a question on what to believe in. What makes you go on when all else falls down. What keeps you up when the most temporary of things have reached their shelf life and we can no longer count on them to sustain us.

Why do we believe?

It's almost a circular argument in itself. And unfortunately, there really is no clear answer. We believe because we have to, and for the sake of our peace of mind, we need to. Maybe some sort of evolutionary step has to take place to answer that question.

We're all simply at awe with the workings of this world. We just couldn't fit it all in in our little cranium.

Perhaps that's the beauty in it. It's not our job to know everything that happens next. We're like in this X-game tv show where we teeter on the edge of a towering obstacle. It's either live or die, and as extreme as we get, we voluntarily expose ourselves to it. And we don't have to die screaming. I guess that's another job for faith.

We just have to believe we could make it.

And if we didn't, well ... faith makes us put it in ourselves that we did our best til the very end.

A glorious way to die.