Yeah, I've heard about this MMORPG years ago, but unfortunately, it never was available here in the Phils when it came out. It's made by NCSoft, the same one that brought Guild Wars.

However, it's still in going through closed Beta this August so, no playing for me yet. Another hindrance would be the bad connectivity on the cafes I'm playing my games in. And I don't want to install it to my laptop. I do need to put a game in it though because I've been neglecting it for quite a while.

In other news, my character in RF Online, RedBloodCell (yeah, I wasn't really imaginative when I created her), is level 42. Eight levels away from the level cap. But even reaching 45 could be quite a chore -.- Plus, I don't belong to any guild so it's all working solo for me. Which is not too bad because I get to reach my PT caps nicely.


Oh yeah, last night I watched an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It's one of the very few cartoons that can actually make me laugh. Which is like, rare for American (lame-o) cartoons to do.

Incidentally, the proliferation of worthless anime can be quite irritating. The only thing good in Animax right now would be Gun Sword (looks like done by Studio Bones). To balance that one (almost) good anime, it seems Animax have rights to endlessly airplay GITS which is getting tiresome. I mean yeah, it was a high quality anime first, or even second time around but, if you do that for the nth number of times it gets really lame.

They're also showing reruns of Flame of Recca but ya know, the voice dub for Recca sounds like a lame teener who gets his weiner constantly being pulled out. Hear it if you wanna know what I mean.


Oh yeah, me and a few officemates are planning on a trip to Cebu. I'm not sure what to look for there second time around, but I'm going to do it differently this time. Well at least I have my camera now, so I'll be happy just picturing stuff.

Not sure if I'm going for that waterfall adventure again hehehehe. Hay -.-


I'm out of mp3s to listen to. The ones I've downloaded are what I call, "cheap cafe mp3s" because it seems internet cafes seem to be playing them nonstop.

Ofcourse, I won't be downloading that damnable song by Akon that goes something like "nobody wants to see us together".

What the freaking hell. Even if I become deaf, that damnable song will be forever burnt to my brain because of the sickening non stop airplay in a cafe I usually hang out in.

Next time I hear it, I'll massacre everyone in sight.