I've watched Ratatouille tonight.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAnd may I say, it's a really nice movie, different from other CGI movies because of the theme it uses. Ofcourse, it's another animal-protagonist movie, but now it took on something original -- food.

I used to not think much about the food I eat. It's there I eat it. But through the years, I've come to appreciate the many things that make it so ... divine. You know what I mean? It has evolved into something so sophisticated that it needed specialists to make them. It needed passion. Like art.

Anyone can cook food -- Gusteau

Now on a different topic: Passion.

I'm immersed in a line of job that more often than not, drives on logic. That is, if you add one to one you get two. And people made a business on that. Yeap, that is IT my friends. We don't use the word computer and associate it with passion or art. Computer often denotes the blank, colorless world of numbers and processing. It is for some people.

To them it's all logic, as predictable as numbers and integers.

But passion. You cannot quantify passion. Almost as absract as all other emotions, it has been the culprit of many driving forces man has been accused of. Passion is fire, it goes forward, and it does so almost singular in cause. It has been known to forget all else and go for one thing and one thing only -- the object it was made for. To complete the thought, passion knows nothing else but to pursue.

I have also know myself as a person of passion. In fact it is my nature. But what happens when you don't go by your nature? What is a naturally passionate person be without passion?

Ah, to this day I'm still asking about that myself.

But there's no need to hurry for the answer. All I need is to find things that ignites it every now and then. I don't have to reason out why I do the things I do. And why things happen the way they do.

Tomorrow is a Monday. Even though I don't have Monday sickness, I know I'll come to work with passion. That despite the fact that I'll again be faced with the blank, colorless world of IT and computers, I know that I could make everything I do a brilliant piece of art.

~ play some sort of inspirational marching song here :p ~

Anyway, I've become curious about France now. To think my name is rooted to that country, I've always been fascinated by their culture. Despite the many racial slurs about the French (them surrendering in a war and all), I think it's a place where I'd like to go to someday.

Especially Paris. Most especially Paris. I'd like to see a city that breathes it. Mmm, wine and authentic French cuisine. My kind of place.

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