Okay, just a disclaimer, I never had a try of scones.

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I just heard it from officemates who've gone to countries where they got them. They describe it like it's a rage or something that's why I became curious. Anyway, I was asking an officemate what they are like. And she said they're really, really dense bread but is salty and sweet.

I was trying to imagine what that tasted like.

I suggested if it's something like a croissant since I think it's that dense and salty. Although croissant is more like -- crusty. That bread is nice to have during breakfast :) especially if served with some nice filling to go with it. Never really tried jams with breads because they're almost always sweet. And well, sweet stuff never went well with my tonsillitis :/ so it's mostly egg with mayonnaise.

I would think the secret for it to be liked is that it's not too tasty. You're letting something else take it over, like the jam you spread on it.

Anyway, more about scones in this wiki. I think I'll go look for one in Megamall today. Maybe French Baker has them.