There's this interesting mail by one of our account managers.

It's about our client's mood for the week. It's really nifty because you can get an impression of what you've been doing as a team and the impact it has been having as a whole.

Incidentally, our baby is in a festive mood :)

Look at our baby.

Makes me think you know. In a previous company, I've been assigned to three really big projects. None of which I saw come into a good end. Or at least one that has become satisfactory in my IT career.

The first, which is Safeway, is a supermarket conglomerate in the US. You won't be seeing any commercials of that here ofcourse. But if you go there, you can just imagine the extent of things they have. And we were assigned to create an employee time and attendance system for them. Imagine a system used by millions -.-

It pretty much is a plop. We were relatively new with Java back then, and we were making bad design mistakes here and there. For the most part, we really don't know what to do. Incidentally, it was then that I experienced some of the worst episodes of my IT life.

It only takes one person to lose faith in yourself.

Bah, I won't go emo-ing about that. That was ages ago, and I sure have become a better person. Next time I encounter that asshole and his attitude he won't be seeing the same reaction (or lack thereof) from me. Funny how a mild-mannered, harmless employee who wouldn't harm a fly turn into a hellspawn. Not that I wasn't thankful for the change.

Second one was a local project from Aboitiz. Now that was a good project with even better expectations. I get to learn new technologies then and practice what I did best in IT -- the front end web layer. The one part I seem to realize that les than 10% of IT people would care about doing. Looks easy to do but can be daunting to say the least.

Unlike pure Java coding, results aren't always manageable by debugging but by intuition or imagination. Which I am sharply good at.

I learned a lot from there. Made some good friends and my then better half. But as always, nothing lasts forever. The project went on a downward, sickening spiral, my officemate friends resigned and went to different companies, and I've created my second ex -.-

I remained and lingered for a while before I decided to move on.

Now, I'm quite happy where I am. Still, there are things I need to do. There's gotta be more to life than just getting by day by day. It was this year I've decided to migrate out of here. A place where I haven't been to but have always looked upon at a distance as my final destination.

I've submitted my skills assessment, but doubt has gnawed my brain that I haven't passed enough documents to fit into the criteria they have put upon. Nonetheless, I'll still pursue it again.

I wanna get out of here -.-