Kimchi is a Korean ... vegetable mix that smells like rotten plants if stored with air for too long o.O

I dunno, that's what they smell like really. Nevertheless, I eat them with gusto especially if the vegetables are really fresh and crunchy. It's not delicious to the taste buds per se, because personally, it's an acquired taste.

I'm not really sure when I began eating that stuff in places where they sell them (almost always costa Php 25 for some reason). Perhaps it began as a health-related urge. I think I was thinking it has fiber and I wanted to detoxify my digestive system.

Or so I heard in TV.

The best places where I ate them are in genuine Korean restos. Yoshinoya in Megamall used to serve nice kimchi but sadly, quality degraded. Funny because Yoshinoya is Japanese o.O they also serve them in Korean BBQ, present in Megamall food court (halata bang megamol boy ako?). There's a branch of it in other places as well. Beware, this is where they serve kimchi that smells like armpits.

Anyway, it's a healthy thing to eat. More about kimchi in this wiki.