What's taking up my nights right now is Spellforce 2.

Damn, I couldn't find any really absorbing games that I had to really look for them and not let their marketing reach me instead :P Anyway, what sucks is that there are too few Vista games still, but so far, the XP games work on my Vista. At least Settlers 2 works.

I used to really devote time to that game about a decade ago. They made a remake of it last year and I said to myself, wouldn't it be cool to revisit old, remade games?

First few missions and I got bored -.-

So that's why I have Spellforce 2. Let's see if it'll keep me entertained for months.


I was entertaining the idea of moving out of the condo to find a solo place. But yeah, might not be the most practical of ideas.

I'm doing that so I could have more personal space. And away from the infernal floods. I heard there's a third typhoon coming.


Gee, this AVR on my feet feels warm ... and good :D


Great. Egay the typhoon is coming. We're being left off early today. 4:00 pm.

Plano ko pa namang mag-stay late. Crappity crap.

Here's a pic of how bad the floods get at our place. This is the Mandaluyong-Boni circle, and that's the Divine Mercy church with the gates. The floods can get deeper still o.O it sometimes have waves

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It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day, it's raining outside and I can't go out and play ... why does it have to rain, anyway?
- Sesame Street song