Enough of the big actresses.

I'm sure you people have encountered actresses that never quite made it big (or had their careers waned or subsequently starred in sucky movies), but you went 'ooh' and 'whoa' in their good acts where they shone like goddesses.

Here are mine:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing
I actually saw her first in If the Shoe Fits. She had certain angles there that made her a winner in my department. Pity about the nose job though. Not that I was there when it happened.

I'll still remember her as that woman with that alluring glint in her eye.

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Catherine McCormack
- Braveheart
Incidentally, starring beside Sophie Marceau would've paled her role. But no. Being the wife of William Wallace isn't her only saving glory. To me she was the bomb ... in a peasantish kind of way. Well, at least then. She starred in the zombie flick 28 Weeks Later (was it a zombie flick?)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketTami Stronach - Never Ending Story
The empress that will end all empresses. When I saw her as a kid, I was all so dreamy about her angelic face and voice. I dunno. Even as a kid I had this notion that girls/women should have kind, baby faces. She never had any other movie stint after that though, and concentrated on dancing.