Last night, in a spur of the moment thing, I went with two officemates, Joie and Jericho, to watch the Bourne Ultimatum. We went to Eastwood which is a place I very rarely go to since it's not accessible friendly for people like me.

I never watched the first few prequels but, seeing as I haven't gone out for ages, might as well go along with them. The thing I was working on in the office is hopelessly NOT working anyway.

We bought tickets and there's these funky stubs stapled onto the tickets. Decided to take dinner since it's only about 7:00pm and the movie starts at about 8:10. We were outside the mall when I've mentioned I like to go for something that has Salmon. Jericho suggested Teriyaki Boy (not bad), and coincidentally, the funky stubs were some free orders in that restaurant.

Anyway, I wasn't very talkative since they're not my usual office crowd (they're a bunch of their own). Jericho always makes fun of Joie's age and current relationship status, which I do find funny to laugh about. Then the talk was directed to me. And well, I embarrassingly confessed a few things.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEven though I was telling them a few stories, my mind was stuck to that "It's complicated" relationship status that quite a few people have. I dunno. Even another officemate admitted the same thing before he married his wife. I was in one a long, long time ago, and every time that topic comes up my instinctual response would be is, "Cut the crap. Whether or not you do care for each other, you're just wasting each other's time." Ika nga sa kanta dun sa Dawson's Creek, "is it a yes, or is it sorry?" I mean c'mon. It's wiser to be alone that to be with someone who does nothing while you do everything or some other scenario. It's only really the best alternative to a good, functional relationship.

As it goes, I was young and foolish back then. I'm tired of replaying the scenarios over and over to myself. It's like watching a sappy telenovela and to think I hate watching those :o Anyway, enough of the emo, though it's healthy every once in a while.

Yun, so we watched Matt Damon (whom I also call Chiclet Teeth) do a lot of action stuff in this movie. It's actually more of action than any talk. Having the whole story perhaps already fleshed out in the first Bournes.

Fortunately, I think even if this is the only one you watched you could still get by with the whole story. I haven't fully enjoyed it though. Because one, I'm not a fan of realistic stunts, and second, even though Matt Damon is said to be a good actor, I haven't really found anything exemplary. But that's because of the fact that I hardly watched anything he starred in at all. Oh yeah, there's a third.

We were watching smack dab in front. We were tilting our heads when the action goes from one side or the other. And my eyes ... my poor, poor, eyes.

I was aware that this is a novel-movie tie in. If there's a novel about Bourne Ultimatum, I wonder how you'll be putting all in words those action scenes which comprise about 70% of the movie. Unless you're a speed reader and can visualize stuff from words, might as well just watch the movie.

Still, my point last night was to get out. It's nice to be with people I usually don't hang out with.