Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAlright, emo week is over! I'm itching to post something that actually have some substance. Enough of the endless, downward spiral of personal issues. It's a big world out there!

My mind was wondering off one time at work, and the thing that came to my head was "Filipino slurs".

Yeap. I mean, we sure have slurs for other races, not necessarily hateful but something fun to say. Now I wondered, what happens in the reverse. This idea came originally when me and my officemates were going out for lunch one time, and it came out in a conversation.

For a list of them slurs, not just for Filipinos, click on the Racial Slurs Database.

In a way, you'll discover how cultures derive things. Read and be enlightened (or outraged).

Anyway, back to Google, I came upon a link filled with book titles about Filipinos. What piqued my interest was immigrant life in the US. As we all know, the US is the greener pasture to most of us here. At least that's the usual general impression -- the place where big dreams come true.

I, for one, am more perceptive. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there is always struggle. But it's up to you how to take it, either gladly or grudgingly, you choose. I never believed in get-rich-quick schemes. To me life is an endeavor continually being polished and refined. But, as reality goes, there are things you have to accept. Not all hard working people go to the top, and sometimes, out of pure luck a seemingly oblivious, flaming idiot is up there in the sky. But that's not the point now, is it? I'm more interested what how these can make a person -- and how it can make me.

For the mentioned link, go to Our Own Voice.

I have always been interested in several cultural topics, most especially ones that are set in the not so distant past. Sort of like a connection with our grand parents we can now only half-remember. What was their life like? What is life like in a time and place where it is not home?

I for one, need to ask those questions.